MBA being a test of your attitude, approach and aptitude, you need a good amount of prowess to achieve. We seek diversity to create a dynamic environment. Most institutions offering MBA ask you to attend a written test. For the right person now is the right time to apply. The written test consists of the following:

· Quantitative prowess requires tests skill level of the aspirants of higher secondary level.
· Probability
· Arithmetic
· Algebra
· Geometry
· Set theory
· Trigonometry
· Verbal ability
· General as well as business awareness
· Reasoning abilities

You need a good balance between speed and accuracy. You also have to manage your time. It is important to able to finish answering all questions with good speed and accuracy so that you can score high.

The next stage is of the group discussion followed by an interview. Group discussions and personal interviews are conducted to test your ability to participate and to check the personality traits of a candidate. They also are able to check the group behavior, awareness, and communication skills of the candidate. Flexibility, leadership, reasoning ability, confidence, assertiveness, initiative, creativity are the few skills that the admission panel likes to check of the candidate.

The second stage is, broadly, an interview is personal interview and group interview. In the personal interview the interviewer or the panel wants to test personality skills. The skills under test are academics, self awareness levels and goals. Apart from these the group interview considers also the analytical skills of the candidate.

In the third stage, there is the final call where you receive a final call letter from the institution informing you of your selection. You are also required to pay the first installment of the fees within 30 days from receipt of the call letter.

It is correct to apply for the course admission for the right candidate. It is not a pre-determined schedule to allow a candidate’s leadership skills to emerge. Giving the right candidate the chance to study and prepare for a career is imperative. Moreover, it is right to let the candidate gain 2 to 3 years of service experience to precede a study course. So if a candidate is asked to give an admission test it is a necessary factor to the selection process of the cream of candidates for a B- school like the Harvard Business School.

Some institutions have tough admission tests and then once that is cleared, the student must arrange for finance. The candidate can apply at banks for an educational loan and then get admitted into the B-school. Many institutes are devoted to providing access to MBA programs through a demonstrated financial need. B-schools seek diversity in tapping leadership talent of candidates appearing for the admission test. There are some people who wish to apply for an MBA course after having worked in some company for 3 to 4 years.