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Thread: Please Enlighten me..!!!

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    Lightbulb Please Enlighten me..!!!

    I have given the paper in September 2011 and scored 303/340 (Verbal-146/170 And Quant-157/170) .My stream is EECE, and my current percentage is 81% but I got placed in Infosys, so now I am taking training in IT company And now I have decided to take experience in Infosys for 2 years and then do MS in CSE from US(will try to be among top employess in Infosys so that the company can sponser me for higher education).

    (1)Firstly, Is it worth to take the experience from IT company and then go for MS..??!!

    (2)Secondly,now I have made up my mind that I want to pursue MS in CSE only , so if taking experience does not matters much and if I decided to apply for Spring 2013 then will it be possible and beneficial for me to do MS in cse having eece technical background...??!!

    (3)Thirdly, with this much score can i get any financial aid from the instituitions and if yes, what is the criteria??!! I don't want to take any financial help from home.

    Thank You...

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    If your final aim is MS, then do it as early as possible. As in the company like infosys 6 months you will be in training which only introduces you to different language. jus the touch up no indepth knowledge. Then after training 90% of them will be on bench for atleast 3-6 months. In that case 1 year will be gone drain (Happened to many of my friends)
    Companies dont fund its Employee with out exteneded service agreement.. and thr will too many other constrains too...

    For spring admissions first semester funding will be difficult, if you dont want to depend on your parents then go for a bank loan..
    you have good chances for funding, but mostly depends on the university..

    For switching to Computers you just need to have Good SOP which explains your interest in Computers.. and lil boost up in LOR also helps

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