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  1. which university has best visa approval chances NYIT or SNHU ?
  2. What should I answer for number of accepts that i have got
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  7. change of majors from electricals to computer science
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  12. Can a candidate with "Masters" in india go for MS in CS in USA ?
  13. entering us before date
  14. F1 Visa Refuse Under 214b and related interpreter in my interview
  15. Second masters
  16. Return of I20
  17. Can I answer like this for the following questions?
  18. F1 Visa Accepted for FIU and Rejected Second time when changing School
  19. change of university
  20. H1b visa cap for private - for profit graduate degree
  21. F1 Visa Interview on 7th November 2013 at Delhi Consulate
  22. visa interview
  23. how can i make interviwere belive me that my uncle will support me for my ms toug
  24. my uncle is my sponcer
  25. My Age!
  26. f1 interview question
  27. Applied to multiple universities in one state
  28. Visa approved..profile 23/5.5/72% 1 bl/1y expe
  29. How long does it take for visa status to reflect "issued" on website?
  30. f1 visa rejected..
  31. Entering into US within close to 30 days for F1 visa
  32. Applying F1 from london.. Please advice
  33. what will happen if not going to US after F1 visa Approval
  34. Visa chances for CWRU accepted with full tuition waiver; GRE 312; TOEFL 112
  35. Anybody going for US(calUMS) for second masters, please share your experiance
  36. F1 Visa approved at Mumbai Consulate in first attempt.
  37. can I select the visa interview location as Kolkata instead of Chennai
  38. VISA Questions for 4th Attempt & who are working presently
  39. frnds so important ques.
  40. Query: Continuation towards Phd
  41. Got 7 Rejections and 1 Admit (All from Good/Ambitious Univs.) VI problem ?
  42. Inquery regarding Visa Interview, Please reply those who have knowledge regrding this
  43. How to Pass the F-1 visa even if you have multiple backlogs
  44. UNiversity of southern california or northwestern university?
  45. My gf left me coz my visa was rejected, plz help
  46. Tips For F1 Visa apply
  47. I have my VI on Feb 14th... please help
  48. info regarding admission process...
  49. Help Required regarding F-2
  50. suggestion required....
  51. Visa Rejection to Texas.
  52. Study Gap
  53. can i get US visa with 286 gre
  54. Urgent help required frnz.
  55. visa chances for my profile.
  56. F1 Visa Validity
  57. SJSU vs UTA vs Univ of Delawarre
  58. My visa was refused, it is second time I'm applying for visa.
  59. univ selection
  60. 30lacs in savings account, is it mandatory???
  61. Visa Qn
  62. Need Urgent help regarding F1 Visa
  63. US F1 visa rejected twice for fall 2012 ... nd trying to go visa interview for spring
  64. How to prepare for 2nd time F1 Interview
  65. 1st time visa denied what to do for 2nd time?
  66. F1 visa with backlogs of count 20 because of repeated course backlogs
  67. visa denied coz i had education loan...next step?
  68. VI question
  69. is low GRE verbal score(370) problem in visa interview.
  70. Brother and sister both have acquired citizenship of US!!
  71. Admission for fall 2013
  72. What are the chances of getting visa?
  73. Greencard sibling in USA. F1 Visa
  74. Chances of rejection due to history of backlogs... Plz help
  75. visa slot booking
  76. Why this Univ?
  77. what if my sponsor is my employer college?
  78. about univs
  80. question
  81. F1 Visa Experience at New Delhi
  82. Ms in Uk again applying for Ms in USA
  83. Concerned about the number of admits....needed help.
  84. Loan on Fixed Deposit
  85. Visa Officers Suggestions and answers for Why visa's are being Rejected.
  86. Asap Help needed abt visa Q/A
  87. Regarding active backlog in 7th semester and its effect on VI
  88. What exactly is the requirement for getting F1 Visa
  89. If brother or sister work in the same city which I have applied for admission
  90. question regarding visa
  91. Doubt------DS-160
  92. ielts
  93. F1 Student Visa Advice From New Delhi U.S. Visa Office
  94. VI tips For Branch Change from EE,ECE to CS/CE
  95. Already having a B1/B2 visa
  96. Relation between unemployment and Visa approval
  97. Help in Visa
  98. Is there any changes of CPT being cancelled from next year