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  1. which university has the best visa approval chances NYIT or SNHU ?
  2. F1 Visa Process for B1/B2 visa holder
  3. Select Top And Reliable Movers Company From The Given Choices: Packers And Movers Bangalore
  4. Profile Evaluation for PhD in Computational Biology for Fall 2018
  5. How to Pursue research in Gap year
  6. Need assistance in deciding whether to apply for Fall 2018 or Fall 2019
  7. apply in colleges for fall 18
  8. bank certificate for i-20
  9. How to go about an MBA degree in an american university
  10. Different Names on Marksheet and Passport
  11. Profile Evaluation & Guidance for graduate studies in US for Const. Mgmt.
  12. Admission for universities in canada
  13. Universities for MS in MIS
  14. MS in CS / MIS / Data Science / Analytics based on my profile?
  15. Is this way of application to universities possible?
  16. Confused about eligibility for fall 17. Please help
  17. Profile evaluation
  18. Deadline For Electrical Engineering Colleges for Fall 2017?
  19. Evaluate my profile
  20. University of Nevada, Reno
  21. USA colleges with tuition fee less than 12000$ per yr.
  22. Best university w.r.t Living expenses /maintenance
  23. Best colleges for graduation in robotics
  24. Spring 2017 - Florida, USA
  25. Usa collages
  26. Still didn't finalise a place to live in US ?
  27. GRE cutoffs for PhD in Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  28. What is the deadline for Spring admission?
  29. Please need help for WSU protal
  30. To make a between colleges for Fall 2016.
  31. Applied for FIU, UNCC, Kennesaw State univ- GRE 291 IELTS 7 for fall 2016
  32. Please, Need help Choosing Ambi Universities list ! Thanks.
  33. SUNY Buff vs NYU Poly vs Clemson
  34. Scholarships for Indian Students - MS in Chicago
  35. WES Evaluation
  36. Admission to MS in US
  37. Sharing my experience of racial discrimination in USA
  38. f1 visa without any english proficiency test
  39. Name problem in my passport and certificates
  40. Profile Evaluation- Real Urgent!
  41. MS in Data Science
  42. Regarding college Options
  43. Profile evaluation please
  44. university list
  45. i got visa
  46. change of field
  47. Admission for under graduate
  48. University Selection MS CS
  49. In need of info. for applying universities matching my profile
  50. Profile Evaluation Please
  51. this is how my interview went
  52. Profile Evaluation for Fall 2016
  53. my visa rejected
  54. F1 interview tomorrow
  56. Admission query spring 2016
  57. Query regarding admissions
  58. Help!!!!!!!!!! Johnson and wales university providence
  59. my visa date on 25 june
  60. profile evaluation
  61. Give me ur reasons
  62. Shortlisted Universities for Spring 2016
  63. How can we come to know that particular university accepts IELTS or not?
  64. I got acceptance letter from Youngstown State university
  65. Prospective Student Ms in CS fall 2016 Need guidance [Urgently]
  66. Recommendation letter from former HOD
  67. Test, just a test
  68. UPenn Embs vs USC Comp engg vs Vtech (meng comp engg)
  69. ASU vs CU Boulder, Fall 2015 - Embedded Systems
  70. What is Conditional Admit from USA Universities?
  71. L2 VISA - Want know process to study MS
  72. Anyone got Admit from IIT Chicago for Fall 2015??
  73. How to go about sending free scores on test day?
  74. University selection
  75. Booking for Visa interview without degree certificate
  76. Please Suggest me Universities to my profile
  77. Work study Program USA f-1 Visa Eligilbity
  78. CMU SV ECE vs TAMU Computer Engineering(CSE)
  79. Profile Evaluation Request( Very Critical)
  80. When to apply Scholarship?
  81. Expense calculation for universities
  82. University Selection suggestion needed
  83. Regarding university selection
  84. Sample LOR from admitted students
  85. [IMP] University Selection
  86. Evaluate my Profile
  87. What is Transcript?
  88. already applied...
  89. Still Any University for Summer 2015 Intake ? MS-CS
  90. Which session can I apply for (MS CS)?
  91. Profile Evaluation Request( Very Critical)
  92. Name and mother's name different in passport and certificates.
  93. Doubts reg. financial expenses
  94. I 20 process for University of Delware
  95. how to start for GRE preparation fall 2016?
  96. LOR and 10th/12th class transcripts problem
  97. Eligibility Criteria
  98. GRE scores
  99. profile evaluation
  100. Profile evalutaion
  101. Profile evaluation request
  102. Bank Certification/Bank Statement
  103. 3 years Bachelor in Science and 6 years IT experience in MNC. Will I be applicable for MS. Please suggest if I need to some extra courses .
  104. Suggest Some universities
  105. I did bachelors degree in Commerce and completed my PG course in Commerce
  106. Need urgent help regarding to recommendation letter
  107. Admission Confirmation
  108. suggestions regd university transfer
  109. MS in Computer Science at University of Nebraska, Lincoln
  110. Doubt Regarding LOR
  111. M.S with M.tech or Work experience ?
  112. pls evaluate my profile....!!
  113. Help
  114. Admission process clarifications required
  115. Official Transcript Sending Time
  116. Wrong DOB in I-20 (Should I apply or wait for new I-20)
  117. MS in US - Ideal time
  118. ms in us.... in cs
  119. MIS in US
  120. Please help me, I am dumb & deaf. from Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, Indian. I want universities with no toefl,no gre.
  121. regarding course selection
  122. Cheap and Best parcel service for shipping documents to US?
  123. Does Rutgers Univ require hardcopy official transcripts for applying for admission into MS in CS ?
  124. Need your suggestions about the colleges for Fall 2015
  125. Please evaluate My profile GRE Score 295
  126. bag packing list while travelling to USA
  127. help me in choosing a good university
  128. Application process
  129. Conditional Application
  130. Planning for Fall 2015. please help me
  131. Profile evaluation
  132. Please evaluate my profile for GRE 302 | TOEFL 85 MS in EE
  133. TOEFL score sending time
  134. LOR confusion
  135. In a dilemma!
  136. Clarification On F1 Visa
  137. profile evaluation
  138. Confused about post secondary education listing
  139. check list for travel to usa
  140. Confused with the university choice
  141. Need inputs on University selection
  142. Is it necessary to decide your specialization at the time of applying?
  143. h4-f1
  144. MS in Project management, Requirement & Necessary Information
  145. Fall 2015 , Information Security MS , Toefl
  146. TOEFL score reporting query . URGENT
  147. I need information about nyit
  148. Need help in choosing the university
  149. Need Information regarding LOR
  150. Confused..Need help.
  151. Master of science in Material Science and Engineering
  152. Profile Evaluation for MS in USA, Fall 2015
  153. Admisson for Fall 2015
  154. Masters in Robotics for Fall 2015
  155. MIS Fall 2015
  156. i am in a big confusion in doing ms
  157. How can i improve my profile?
  158. state universities or private ones?
  159. ECE to CSE shift
  160. Am i still good enough to make it to a decent grad school??
  161. Good Morning
  162. please evaluate my profile and select universities
  163. Please Suggest List of Universities which offers 1 yr masters based on only IELTS..
  164. Queries regarding Transcripts
  165. Bank affidavit
  166. problem in documents please help
  167. Please suggest 4 universities
  168. Suggest a University for below profile...
  169. Profile Evaluation for MS in US
  170. Is WES Evaluation required for Villanova University ???
  171. Am I eligible for MS in Computer Science
  172. Admission for two people with similar profile
  173. special privileges for physically disabled students
  174. Admissions
  175. US Univesites which give Preference to Experiance
  176. Please Suggest List of Universities with low tution fee, Financial Aid and Good Career Services..!!
  177. how to send GRE & TOEFL Scores
  178. I have 1 KT can i apply for MS in ECE in US??
  179. Admission process
  180. need help
  181. college suggestion's
  182. Masters in Accountancy
  183. procedure for MS and need help
  184. Best Universities and Spring 2015 deadlines for MS in Cyber Security or Computer and Information System Security..!!
  185. 3 year graduate degree (Bsc IT) valid?
  186. mistake on i-20
  187. I completed my third year and have an active backlog. can I still apply? please help.
  188. Defer admission
  189. Need experts help in deciding the university
  190. Spring 2015
  191. which university is best n high chances of visa
  192. Emergency I-20 Issue. Fast solution required
  193. Is it safe to schedule F1 visa interview in August for Fall 2014?
  194. Please let me know the information
  195. How to check available dates for F1 Visa appointment?
  196. Anyone got an admit from University of New haven?
  197. I am planning to gv gre?
  198. will this kind of liquid assest work???
  199. FInancial Documents
  200. ayone for utpa fall 2014
  201. Where to start for MS in Computer Science
  202. Spring 2015 Admit in USC
  203. What does provisional admission mean...
  204. What to fill in Last name in application forms as I don't have Last name is passport
  205. MS Electrical Engineering Deadlines for Fall 2014
  206. official transcripts for evaluation
  207. Transferring Masters School/Program
  208. Problem with Uploading LOR
  209. Is LOR from company is enough ?
  210. Problem in filling application form.
  211. Official Transcripts
  212. UIC vs UNCC for Electrical Engineering
  213. Which univ is BetteR?
  214. Profile evaluation and suggestions needed about which courses to apply
  215. please suggest universities for spring'15
  216. Need list of universities for FAll 2014 for my Profile
  217. Ms in us. Can i make it to any college in the us?
  218. Suggest me some universities
  219. ms in embedded systems
  220. Admission Suggestion
  221. University : Which is good?
  222. Profile evaluation
  223. University Selection
  224. Will I get Admission?
  225. Attend F1 Visa Interview without a payslip
  226. Calculating Total Cost of a Master's Degree.
  227. Basics
  228. Need Fall 2014 univ for my Profile
  229. Is there anyone who got admit from MWSU?
  230. 7 yrs work exp. /2007 pass out/ B.Tech in Mech for MS in US.. Help Required
  231. Lor
  232. Suggest UNIV (cs,mis,Cloud Computing) with 5.5 IELTS and 286 GRE with 3+ years exp
  233. Ms with B.Tech Degree and uncleared backlog
  234. Funded Admissions: Clause associated
  235. Need to delay my joining for Fall 2015...Advise required please
  236. suggestion required..
  237. 10th and +2
  238. Am I too late?
  239. is there any university with my profile to get admission
  240. Are there any US universities that do not need GRE score
  241. Torned Documents(marksheets)
  242. University list without GRE for MS in Computers
  243. Toefl or IELTS
  244. fall vs spring
  245. DoF questions
  246. for masters in telecommunication
  247. Universities list for my profile
  248. i need guidance
  249. Deposit $300 for I20
  250. MS in CS or MIS