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  1. Hey,

    How is the uni work going? I hope you have selected and finished the applciation part!
  2. hey akshay thx alot!!!!!!
  3. Hey,

    I have noticed that u needed some suggestions for ur scores. Well its not that simple. It depends on ur course also. suppose u take VLSI, Oregon state is among the best. But technically speaking the ranking of the college overall is not in the top 10 or 15 itself.

    Use the profile evaluation page on select unis that come up for ur profile. also select some a lil above (if u want) and a lil below ur profile.

    If ur still feeling lost, contact some education counsellor. "JAMBOREE" is onw that is found in many cities. google them up and see.

    All the best!
    And apply soon for fall 2012! time is running out

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