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  1. You are most welcome
  2. Got it.. I was really anxious that I might have missed some part..
    Thanks for clarification..
  3. Hi ,

    RA is given once u go there and talk to professors. May be department specific scholorships will be provided along with I-20. Nothing other than SOP, RESUME, LOR is required. They consider only these things.
    You need not to apply also separately. they will do all those considerations upon along with application review.
  4. Hi Madhavi Ve.
    You said "Funding u can get along with ur I-20"..
    So, Before getting admit/ I20, what can we do to emphasize our candidature for TA/RA apart from sending our SOP and resume so that one can get TA/RA along with admit/ I20..?
  5. Hi ,

    What ever Shashank told is right You can get RA once u go there and meet professors Funding u can get along with ur I-20 or may be some times late also
  6. Hey Madhavi Ve..
    Thanks for your suggestions..
    Actually I'm desperately looking for financial aid thats why I'm looking for rather safe universities so that I will have better chance of funding there..
    I heard that one is supposed to write essay to department professors for gettting TA/RA before I get I-20. Is it true?
    Once again, thanks for your valuable suggestions.. Cheers..!!!
  7. Hi dear,
    Wish u a very happy New year..
    I do not know much about EE but still i can suggest
    Ambitious State University of New York (SUNY)- Stony Brook
    Ambitious University of California - Irvine (UCI)
    Ambitious University of Massachusetts - Amherst (UMASS)
    Moderate Northeastern University, Boston (NEU)
    Reach Arizona State University (ASU)
    Reach University of Texas at Dallas (UTD)
    Reach University of Illinois - Chicago (UIC)
    Safe Polytechnic Inst. of New York University(NYU Poly)
    Safe Syracuse University

    Do not apply to Missouri. You have a very good profile
  8. Hello Madhavi.
    This is Sujata .
    Happy New Year..!!!

    My profile is
    GRE 313(152,161,3)TOEFL 101, BTech Instru& Control, Acad: 7.01/10, MS in EE,
    Relevant work Exp-3 years, 1.5 months internship., Looking for MS in EE..
    I have prepared final list of universities and have applied few of them already:

    Please tell me my admit chances there..
     Arizona St U
     Oklahoma St U
     U of Oklahoma
     U of Houston
     Missouri Univ of Sci & Tech, Rolla
     U of Texas Dallas.
    Can you please tell me whether there is any need to apply to 1-2 more universities..>
    Also, I’m more interested in getting Financial aid in any form. Will I be able to get is..?
    I’m worried about getting admissions to above universities. Please help...
    Thanks in advance..
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