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  1. I've mailed you a test mail. Good day.
  2. i have applied suny buffalo, wvu, njit , siuc, oklahoma state, uni of okla, sjsu
  3. ok st u, arizona st u, suny buffalo, oregon st u, u of houstn, missouri u of sci & tech, michign insti of techno..
    what universities did u apply
  4. Hi..
    Actually I'm about to finish application procedure of last Univ. Remaining have already been done..
  5. sure i will be ... but didnt u apply for any university yet??? i had 3 universities with deadlines in january... financial aid is given on first come first served basis.... TA/RA is also offered after join the university... based on your project u mentioned in resume u may be offered RA in I-20... it all depends on professors in the dept and their field of work... can easily be in touch with my mail ... all the best...
  6. Hey Javvaji..
    Thanks for your suggestions..
    Actually due to financial constrains, I'm more interested in any possible financial aid..
    Also, what can I do to boost my chances of getting financial help..I mean I heard that I should write essays to professors to get TA/RA before I get I-20. Is it true..?
    Our profile is much similar.. Keep in touch.
    Once again, thanks for your valuable suggestions..
  7. Hi,
    arizona state uni (good uni but high accpetance rate of 88.9%) so u have chances
    oklahoma state (safe + funding/ ta)
    university of oklahoma (safe +fund)
    university of houston ( do u want to join in texas with this profile???) u have fair chances of admit
    missouri inst of sci and tech( OMG y this one?? its very below ur profile) safe + funding sure
    suny buff ( fair/ safe)
    unc chorlotte (safe + funding)
  8. Arizona St U, Oklahoma St U, U of Oklahoma, U of Houston, Missouri U of Sci and Tech, Rolla, SUNY Buffalo, UNC charlotte.
    Also Iam more interested in financial aid. Please tell me @ my chances for admit+Aid there..
    Thanks in advance..
  9. hi your profile is gud.. may i know wat are the universities that u have applied?
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