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  1. hi could u pls evaluate my profile?
  2. it is for fall 2013
  3. Is tat for Spring 2013 or Fall 2013?
  4. Hello,

    My profile is as follows.

    GRE:300 (V-142 Q-158 AWA-3.5)
    301 (V-146 Q-155 AWA-3.0)

    TOEFL: 97 (R-26 L-21 S-23 W-27) 62.7%(2011)
    Branch: CSE
    currently working in CapGemini, since April 2012.

    Could you please evaluate my profile and suggest me some universities for Information Systems|Software Engineering .
    And also what r my chances of getting inti San Jose for s/w engineering?
    Thank You.
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