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  1. Note: Actually i want to go for counseling for Abroad study but i am not very confident about it. My bro completed his MS. He said he was duped by a counselor. He got selected in university like SUNY n University of Southern California. but instead he was advised to Join NYU poly as he will get scholarship. After reaching US he came to knw that counselor was amongst the list of top 10 person university paid to bring new students..n many thing else. so i am not very sure to go for counseling and all. But overall he was good man n all gave gud reviews about him (many amongst our circle got admission through him and was very helpful). so i am not very sure.
  2. part 2

    University 1: Polytechnic Institute of New York University ---try better than this
    University 2: New Jersey Institute of Technology
    University 3: Rutgers University,Camden,Newark,New Brunswick/Piscataway
    University 4: New York Institute of Technology
    University 5: Stony Brook University—SUNY

    University at Buffalo--SUNY
    Iowa State University
    University of Rochester
    Boston University
    Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

    University of Michigan--Ann Arbor
    Columbia University
    University of North Carolina--Chapel Hill
    University of Southern California
    Northwestern University
    New York University
  3. Program: MS in Computer Science

    GRE: 310
    Verbal - 154, Quant- 156, AWA- 3.0.

    TOEFL: 105
    Reading: 25, Listening- 29, Speaking- 23, Writing- 28.
    PG (M.Sc in Information Technology from Mumbai University ) (2012 pass-out): 54.8% aggregate
    UG (B.Sc in Information Technology from Mumbai university) : 70% in final year and 64.25% aggregate
    12th Std: 65.83%
    10th Std: 74.66%


    1. 2.5 years of work experience as software developer
    (+ worked as free lancer during my bsc)
    2. 1 Research paper during Msc (IT)
    3. Head of Department for Chip- IT fest at college
    4. 1 Research project for Bsc (IT), developed a security system which is currently used by SVKM.
    5. Part of core team to develop Metacube and Labguru ERP systems.

    Tentative list of college. (kindly bear with me, i know its long list and suggest me any decent university for my profile)
  4. Hello nishantam..

    Tell me you details and also tentative university list, so that I can evaluate.

  5. hi. i am nishant and planning to apply for MS in Cs and would like my profile to be evaluated but somehome i cant post any msg.
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