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  1. Hey done.. Accepted... Am waiting for NYU Poly admit as well as scholarship in UTD. One professor forwarded my Mail to Computer science department for scholarship let me see...
    I Wish even u must get all five admits I always feel i could have done GRE much more better.. But no time
  2. Anyway check fb. I dun wanna embarrass myself by adding some other Madhavi
  3. I am sure you'll get all 4 admits
  4. Hey i get u will surely get into those. I had a plan of applying to ASU also u know But at last moment i left it do not know why.. I wish u have awesome profile. U should be getting it. But its nice to know that we have so many common universities in mind
  5. Well, I applied to NCSU, ASU, UTD, NYU poly and UTA.. Want NCSU and ASU desparately.. Lets see.. ..
  6. Oh even u applied ha.. Which all universities u applied. Ya i am waiting for NYU Poly Admit also. Let me see. I have to choose between NYU Poly and UTD....
  7. Not just the name.. We have like 3 institutions common.. Anyway, I feel NYU poly is better than UTD..You should wait for poly admit..The jobs you end up later give breath taking salaries..even above 100,000 $ sometimes.. UTD has a name for itself, but Poly is not just cheap, but also gives good scholrship. For your profile you'll get like 5000 - 12000 $ scholrship.. So, you'll end up with an I20 amount of about 25K.. ..
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