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  1. hello divya,
    check face book iit chicago fall 2012 for all updates.
    and sorry i do not know about that university.
  2. hello aparna so r u planning to iit so how is the univ i got admit in chemistry so how r the part time jobs and on campus? so which group r u planning?and do u have any idea abt western kentucky univ?
  3. hai divya,
    there is a group in facebook=iit chicaga fall2012
    u can register there and get intough with seniors.
    i think that might help u

    regarding part time jobs
    oncampus we will get only after 3 months
    and off campus one can work only after staying 1 year in us( as per f1 visa rule)
    so, it is diificult in respect to living expense, on campus job as well.

    regarding living expenses its 400-459 $ per month
    and tution fees in in ur i-20.
    what else u want?
  4. hello aparna dis is divya do u know any body at IIT and do u have any idea abt the part time jobs der? and what are the expenses any idea plzzz
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