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  1. is IDP consultancy a good one?
    they said that they have client universities?
    what does it mean?
    will there be any problem to client universities?
  2. My name is Santhosh Thangaraj
    GRE score is 307
    Toefl score is 86
    CGPA is 8.41
    My undergraduate major is electrical and electronics engineering and I want to pursue ms in computer science in usa

    Please evaluate my profile with following universities
    Arizona state university
    sunny buffalo

    university of Cincinnati
    university of Houston, Houston

    university of texas, Arlington
    SUNY Albany
    SUNY binghampton
    Texas tech university

    whether will I get admitted from the above list?
    Whether the above college are good?\
    What about scholarship, probability of getting job in those loccation?

    what is difference between computer engineering and computer science?
    what is scope of computer engineering
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