Admitted for MS Fall 2012 in CS at UTPA

  1. tejasal
    Hello everyone,
    I got admitted to UTPA for Fall 2012 MS in CS, but waiting for my I-20. So how is the overall status of the university? How is the cost of living? What is the status of the campus jobs? Please provide me these details.

    Thank you!

  2. ashi2789
    Hei how you been? I have been admitted into the MSCS program for the summer-1 term, my I-20 has been dispatched and I will be scheduling my VISA by the mid of april. So can you just let me know your facebook ID?
  3. sasank477
    hi.. i too got admit in MSCS in UTPA for fall 2012..and w8ing 4 I 20..So u gng with UTPA??
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