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  1. bhatiadk
    ECE at UTD is one of the most diverse and leading departments. UTD has a history of ongoing excellence and aspires to be one of the finest institutions in the USA and World. UTD is ranked first in the U.S., and 21st in the world, among the world’s most outstanding universities under 50 years old. UTD is a young, dynamic, and rapidly growing institution of higher education located in the heart of “Telecom Corridor,” in one of the best cities in the United States.

    UTD both creates many opportunities for its students and benefits from many opportunities that others create for its students. UTD is in the heart of second largest technology workforce in the USA, and is surrounded by both small and giant companies like Texas Instruments, Samsung, Ericsson, Hewlett Packard, Intel, Toyota, and many more. NTT Data, Kubota, State Farm, JP Morgan Chase, Liberty Mutual, and Toyota recently moved their North American headquarters to suburbs that border UTD. Why? There are myriad reasons of course, but our diverse population, high technology workforce and our institutions of higher education were critical. Your educational experience at UTD will provide you interaction with some of the best faculty, experience in some of the best research laboratories, and an opportunity to go out and work with some the best companies in the world. UTD is recognized in the highest classification of research activity, R1, by the Carnegie Commission on Higher Education. The strength of our curriculum is widely recognized and today the top recruiters from our department are companies like Qualcomm, Intel Corporation, Texas Instruments, AMD, and Apple. Additionally, UTD is in close proximity to Austin, Texas where another large technology hub is forming. Some of the best companies are moving their design houses from Silicon Valley to Texas, close to where you will be doing your degree! In fact, a very large number of ECE graduate students choose to do an internship with a company in the USA. They can do it readily at UTD because there are so many major corporations nearby.
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