MS in ITM(Information Technology Management)

  1. Anks86
    Hi All,

    Creating a new thread for any/all discussions related to MS in ITM. Feel free to add any information, comments, suggestions you might have.
  2. mitesh91
    Profile: GRE 304, TOEFL 88, ACADS 63% Mumbai University
    Term: Fall 2012
    Course: MS in ITM
    Applctn decision: waiting
  3. krunal304
    Hi all,
    profile:301,86,57% mumbai uni
    2 years of work ex as SQL developer
    course :ms in ITM
    What are my chances???
    pls reply ASAP
  4. karthik.23

    I'm planning for Spring 2013 Masters admission in either ITM/MIS/SE

    GRE: Verbal:145 Quants:153
    TOEFL: Yet to take.

    Currently working in an US MNC since Jun 2010.
    Could you pls suggest which are the safe universities for me from the below list.

    University of Texas at Dallas (ITM/SE)
    University of Texas at Arlington(MIS)
    Illinois Institute of technology (MIS)
    San jose university (SE)
    University of Utah (IS)

    Thanks in Advance
  5. pushkarjsh
    GRE 299/340
    verbal 142
    Quants 157
    TOEFL:89 (R-23,L-19,sp-23,wr-24)
    SSC 82%
    HSC 70%
    BEIT 2011 from Mumbai university
    aggregate 57%
    Final year 62%
    Was a college topper of final year elective
    have done external project in mumbai based company
    will be having 7-8 months industry experience before going to US
    little extra-curricular activities
    decent LORs

    evaluate for Fall 2013 ITM
  6. hrastogi7
    please guide me....
    i m in final year pursuing bachelors in computer science
    my gpa is 78.4% (from gbtu)
    class 10 percentage was 80%(icse)
    class 12 percentage was nearly 72% (cbse)
    gre score 292 (v-140 q-152)
    Actively participate in management activities.
    please suggest me if i can apply for doing master's in management from US.
    i want to know about the scope of MIM in US market.
    please text me some names of universities for my profile.

    waiting in anticipation.........
  7. aanchal
    karthik.23 and pushkarjsh: I'm sorry to say this guys but your GRE scores are a bit low for UTD.. It's a bit of a tough chance as far as I know.. Although if you do get in let me know.. I am currently at UTD.. doing my MS in ITM!
  8. ishasood
    hi Aanchal
    could u please tell me what was ur gre score to get at UTD ?
    I'll be applying for fall 2013 so I could get some vague idea about the score.
    Any help would be appreciable
  9. mysteryace
    Hello all.
    GRE 309
    TOEFL 93
    BSc Comp Science - Pune Univ 54%
    PGD Operations Management - SIBM, Symbiosis International University 67%
    3 years of work experience

    Got an admit. Yet to get a reply from the rest of the univs I have applied to. Since I have applied for Spring, my options were pretty limited. Have applied to UNCC, UF and Illinois Springfield. The ITM program at Dallas suits my profile and interests. Any advice is welcome.

    Cheers and Thanks
  10. udai47
    hey I would like to apply for MS ITM for the fall 2013...can u tell me my chances of admission??ill be glad...
    gre 313--quant 165 and verbal 148
    toefl 95 CSE 63%
    10th 86%
    12th 93%
    no professional work ex!
    extremely great extra curriculars like national level sports and Management experience
    Can you tell me my chances if i apply now?? for fall 2013?and also ur acads and profile??thank a TON!!
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