Got Admissions to UTD

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  1. Madhavi Ve
    Madhavi Ve
    I am so happy to say that i got Admissions in UTD for FALL 2013.
    If any of u have applied and got admissions let me know please....
  2. shravanthi
    Yeah even I got my acceptance letter from UTD for Fall 2013. What if we want to wait for other universities to reply?
    What is the last date to reply?
  3. Madhavi Ve
    Madhavi Ve
    Hi shravanthi,

    Nice to know that even u got admit.. There is nothing like last date i guess. If you have any other university as Priority you can wait..
    Are u applying for CS ?
  4. rookie789
    i have applied to utd for 2013 fall computer science. but wen i log into the orion website it says i have to submit provisnal degree cert . Do i have to send them that ??
  5. rookie789
    i just sent them my official transcripts
  6. shri1
    HEY ,
    even i have got admit for fall 2013 in nov 2012 itself for electrical engg.
  7. satyajit91
    Have you guys done your undergrad in CS itself or from other branch? I've done my B.Tech in Electronics and comm and now i've applied for MS in CS
  8. shravanthi
    Hi Madhavi, I don't know the last date to accept UTD offer but yes I'm waiting for others to reply.
    Which other Uni have you applied?
  9. Madhavi Ve
    Madhavi Ve
    Hi Shravanthi,

    I applied to UTA , NYU Poly, Illinois. I got admit from UTA also.. What other universities u applied? Which one do u prefer?
  10. manoj23
    I have applied to utd about two weeks ago and I am yet to send my transcripts and other related documents. can you please tell me how much time did it take you guys to get admission letter.
  11. shravanthi
    Hi Manoj,

    It took about a month's time to get the letter.

    Hi Madhavi,

    I've applied to Univ of utah, Indiana Bloomington, Suny- Buffalo, Univ of Arizona & Clemson Univ.
    Can you msg me your facebook username so that we can connect .
  12. Madhavi Ve
    Madhavi Ve
    Hi Shravanthi,

    I was about to ask you that..
    Madhavi Venkatesh
    Send me ur user name or request da

    Hi Manoj,

    Post your face book link or name so that we all can contact each other soon
  13. Aparv111
    Got the admit to UTD in CS for fall2013.
  14. gappa
    Hi i have got admit to MS Supply Chain Management Fall2013..
  15. Madhavi Ve
    Madhavi Ve
    Hey congrats both of u
  16. susihere
    Me too.. Got admit into ITM for Fall 2013 at UTD.Anyone else into ITM ??
  17. AishwaryaP
    Hi I got admission to MS in CS for fall 2013... Did any one from CS receive I-20?
  18. harishnarn
    frns, i need immediate help from you,
    i applied to 4 schools in dec, now i want to apply for UTD for fall'13
    i have some queries to be answered by you before applying
    1) am i late for appying for fall'13???
    2) can a get an admission frm CS dept with profile (GRE-1100,Toefl-80, Acads-77%, 2yrs Wrk xperience)???

    i am only 2 steps behind the application process(to pay the fee and send the courier, as i hav all the documents in hand) in the worst case i can courier the packet in one day, or else on the same day

    thanks in advance
    guys please respond immediately
  19. siddharths
    I got Accpeted in UTD for MS in CS for fall 2013. And also i am waiting for replies from other universities.....
  20. Muthupalan
    I got an informal letter from UTD regarding my admission.. I them saw the option admitted and provision to accept it in the galaxy site. I accepted and it turned back to "Complete"... Now what is the next step in the process.. will i receive any mail via post or any emails.... And regarding vaccine stuffs how to close the gap.... Appreciate anyones suggestion....
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