hi,How many are applying to visa on UTA?

  1. rajesh470
    Lets get connected before we actually move in .
  2. Anirudh
    hi am applying for visa on UTA.. MS in CSE.. wat abt u?
  3. Debopam
    I am yet to receive my I20 from UTA. I will apply for visa once I receive yet. It's on its way to Kolkata.
  4. Cybermafia
    @rajesh : Rajesh which course did u apply for? and are u serious about joining the university.
  5. Cybermafia
    @anirudh : Hi Anirudh, this is Srikanth, It appears that u have finalized UTA as ur destination.
    As i have also decided to join UTA....lets get connected. Do reply to this post.
    BTW i got an admit for MS in CS at UTA. And am planning to apply for visa with the same.
  6. karthik.23
    Hi Guys

    I'm planning for Spring 2013 Masters admission in either ITM/MIS/SE

    GRE: Verbal:145 Quants:153
    TOEFL: Yet to take.
    BE-ECE :70%

    Currently working in an US MNC since June 2010.
    Could you pls suggest which are the safe universities for me from the below list.

    University of Texas at Dallas (ITM/SE)
    University of Texas at Arlington(MIS)
    Illinois Institute of technology (MIS)
    San jose university (SE)
    University of Utah (IS)

    Thanks in Advance
  7. jmattviv
    @debopalm and cybermafia : I'm sending the financial docs next week. I've sent the scanned copies already. How lontg did it take for you guys to recieve I-20 after sending the financial docs. Also, what abt the vaccinations.
  8. Debopam
    Hi.. It depends. You can expect your I-20 in a couple of weeks. You can get vaccinated after you receive your VISA. Why should you deal with needles before you are sure that you are entering US? Best of luck. Keep in touch.
  9. Debopam
    Btw.. I am appearing for my VISA interview on 7th May (this monday). So, wish me some luck!
  10. Cybermafia
    @Debopam : Wish u ALL THE BEST for ur VISA interview today.
  11. Anirudh
    Hi Srikanth.. even am gng for MS in CS.. my visa interview is on may 17th... wats up wth u? am from chennai....
  12. Debopam
    Thanks a lot for your wishes. Got my VISA. Planning to book my flight soon. Meet you at UTA
  13. Puru
    How was the visa interview?? could yu share your experience.
    Thank you!
  14. vishnuv
    Hello everyone...
    Anyone from AP going to UTA for this fall.?.?
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