GRE:316|TOEFL:105|Acads:5.2/10 CGPA|Applyin:Computer Science

  1. himanshu10
    Although my GPA is less,I am increasing my work experience and working on publications to cover the damage to some extent.
    Most of the course that I am doing in my college are Master's level courses,I am kinda hoping that it will help.
    I have done a lot of projects in various programming languages like Java,C,J2ME,Python,Verilog,Assembly Language and in Android development.I am even having one application published on Google Play Store with more than 5,000 downloads.
    My various projects:-
    1.Java Chat Server for multiple clients.
    2.Snake based GUI game based on Python.
    3.Calculator on Assembly Language.
    4.Alarm based on J2ME.
    5.Android application "Alert Me!" on Google Play Store.
    And there are various others projects that I have done..
    I have also done internship on Web Designing and designed a website and I am also currently doing internship in Android Development and will be doing it for next 7-8 months.
    I am working with a Boston based company in android development from last 4-5 months.
    So overall I will be having more than 2 years experience in Android development.
    I am also having a research paper published in Healthcare applications field and will be working on another research paper in summer holidays.Therefore most probably 2 research papers by the time I will apply.
    What are my chances to get into USC?
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