chances of getting into usc

  1. sherry
    my gre score.. 313
    couple of projects
    10th :89%
    12th :96.4%
    one internship in shris infotech as a java developer.
    organized few events at college level
    computer science...
    so chances of getting into USC?? please reply frens ..
  2. jininside5
    first of all congos for you such a good score
    you do have a fair chance of getting admitted in USC
    Still it cant be said until you apply for it
    All the best
  3. shravanthi
    GRE score:310 (V:152,Q:158,AWA:3.5)
    Computer science
    2 final year projects
    Chances of getting into USC-VIterbi.Heard it very expensive given its location in LA.How can students arrange for finance?
  4. jininside5
    @shravanthi: yes its expensive, and probably its tough for u to get in as your QUANT score is 158
    official site of USC asks for 160 in Quant
    but still apply...hopefully they may consider your application because of good score in verbal and due to your project work
    all the best
  5. Prayat h
    Prayat h
    hi .. i have a quant score of 161 and verbal of 142 ...i got 99 in toefl... What are my chances of getting into usc ....
  6. rohit.619
    303 in GRE. (145 V, 158 Q)
    TOEFL - Yet to appear.
    3 month internship in TATA MOTORS
    62% in BE (Mech)
    2 National level football certificates.
    2 National level event management certificate
    2 National level Paper Presentation Certificate.
    Wat are my chances????????
    Pls help guys
  7. Sapan
    I intend to apply for an MS in Environmental Engineering.

    UG: GPA=6.7, topper's GPA= 8.35
    GRE: 330 = 170(Q)+160(V)
    TOEFL: 108

    1 Paper published in International Journal
    1 Paper published in Proceedings of International Conference

    What are my chances of getting admit for Fall 2015
  8. Durga Ca
    Durga Ca
    Hi students need a credit card to build their credit history in US, i am working for bank we provide students credit card, if anyone need you can contact me at
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