Regarding plecements.

  1. k.vamsi
    Hi friend,

    can ny one tell me about the placements at new haven n also the career at new haven.

    with regards
  2. riya
    hi vamsi,
    have u applied for this coll??? i ve received 120 .. but not sure about
  3. Trilok.V
    Hi Vamshi,

    Well i have been trying to get this info from few different sources, but have not found any reply. As far as placements are concerned, i have learnt that, there will be job fairs, which you can attend and hunt a job. However, you may have to do internship while studying, and usually the same company will help you get the job with them. It all depends on how well we connect and make ourselves socially visible in terms of Job market. Hope this kinda helped. Also please do share any onfo if you have with regards to this university. I Need to know your views on it.
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