Should join or not?

  1. abhinav241
    KU ranks 101 in USNEWS ranking but this low rank seems deceptive to me. Reviews of the university are pretty good otherwise if you spend time on net. People going or having a knowledge of the same, please enlighten.
  2. Aki7
    Hey i got an admission in Univ of Kansas for fall 2013. I hav applied for masters in bioengineering. I am not sure if I want to accept the admission...does anyone know whether there is a deadline to fill the "decision form"? They said they will send the I-20 form only once I fill the decision form. And even If I accept their admit can i back out later...??please help!
  3. mohan440
    wat's ur profile?
  4. Aki7
    my engg aggre is 75%, gre is 300, toefl is 106
  5. uday.71648
    I got admit from univ of Kansas in aerospace is anybody planning to go for the univ
  6. karidi.krishna
    hii everyone.I have applied to university of kansas for Spring 2015.But there is no response from the university.What can be the reason??
  7. impuneetg
    Hi all,
    I got admitted in university of Kansas for MS in computer science for coming fall 2015. Could anyone please suggest whether I should join or not ?

    Here is my profile:
    a) GRE : 306
    b) IELTS : 7.0
    c) good SOP and recommendation.
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