Application Status

  1. saroj_skb
    any one has any idea about checking the status of application
    i have applied for computer science
  2. suhachak
    Log in with your credentials into the Gradmit website (the same site through which you filled your online application). Look at the Status tab to know your application status.
  3. devendra
    Can i get into the universities i have attached for the following profile...GRE 305(Q-161,V-144,AWA-3),TOEFL-96,Average academics-65%(pune uni.)..Major:-MS in MEchanical?Please reply

    Sr.No Name of university shortlisted
    1 University of Cincinnati
    2 Michigan Technological University
    3 State university of New York-Buffalo
    4 State university of New York-Binghamton
    5 Illinois Institute of Technology-Chicago
    6 Syracuse University
    7 University of Illinois -Chicago
    8 Clemson University
    9 Wayne State University
    10 Northern Illinois University
  4. medhavemla
    plzz evaluate my profile , I am planning to apply for ms in vlsi or embedded systems and I also hardly in need of schlorship too..i want to know whether i can get admition in your university or not for any one of these programs
    B-tech- 76%
    GRE -305/340;VERBAL-146;QUANTS- 159
    TOEFL -85
    1)robotics workshop which was conducted national wide
    2)perticipated in robotics competitions in clg level
    3)attended workshop conducted by IETE IN EMBEDDED SYSTEMS
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