1. haribabu
    hi sir, i got admit from univ of arkansas. I am planing to do MS in US. they asked me to enroll in an english course since my awa score is 3.5.

    i also applied to 1) univ of missouri,kansas city 2) univ of akron 3)univ of houston,main campus 4)louisiana tech univ.
    out of this 5 can u please give me guidance for selecting a univ..
    thank you.
  2. Suren
    Anybody applied to this university for spring 2013? I did.
  3. PSVAvinash

    Can you please tell me what is your GRE score, Even Am planning on applying for University of Arkansas. I got a score on 301. Quants-157 and verbal-144. Do you thing I have a slightest chance of getting admitted into UARK if I apply at the earliest for Fall '14 ?
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