Anyone got admit from Arizona, Tucson?

  1. priya ag
    priya ag

    I have applied for MS Computer Science Fall 2012, University of Arizona, Tucson. Anyone else who applied for the same and got admit?
  2. benb
    I got the admit for Fall2012 Comp Sci. Have you accepted the offer?
  3. priya ag
    priya ag
    Yes. I accepted the offer and waiting for I20.
    What about you?I am from bangalore India.
  4. shaariq
    @priya:What are your GRE and TOEFL scores???Mine are 317 and 108,Do i stand a good chance for this coll???
  5. priya ag
    priya ag
    shaariq: GRE:303 and TOEFL: 105. GPA: 3.0, Have 4 yrs work experience.
    This university mainly considers your GPA and TOEFL score.
    BTW, have you still not received their decision? Where are you from?
  6. Jasmeet
    I got a score of 305 in GRE. what are my chances?
  7. coolgal
    i have got admitted for spring2013 any one from bangalore niki
  8. sowmya.c
  9. sowmya.c
    Hi guys I ve GRE-300 & GPA-3.1 ... What are the chances of getting through ee????
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