1. Anks86
    Hi All,

    Creating a new thread for any/all discussions related to MS in MIS. Feel free to add any information, comments, suggestions you might have.
  2. mitesh91
    Profile: GRE 304, TOEFL 88, ACADS 63% Mumbai University
    Term: Fall 2012
    Course: MS in MIS
    Applctn decision: Admit
  3. Anks86
    Your profile is very much similar to mine.
    U/G- Computer Science 64%
    I.E.L.T.S 7.0
    GRE (expected)-310/315
    Publications: One in conference of S/W testing professionals.
    Work Exp: 2.5 yrs S/W Engg.
    Extra curricular: Tech Fest Organizer in college, Inter Univ. Quiz runners up, Sports certificates etc.
    I have booked my GRE dates for 29th feb. Hopefully shall apply and send my documents by first week of March.
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