Need your sugestion plzzz

  1. surap

    I'm going to apply my F1 Visa for this FALL 2013, My profile is 2011 B.Tech ECE, 60.11%, 17 Backlogs,
    GRE 1020(710+310)
    Working as a .NET Programmer since 10 months ie: August 2012 with an IT Firm.
    Rejected twice for Spring 2012 in December 2011,

    Planing this time with Work experience and Change of stream Electronics and Communications->Computer Science
    Applied for MS in CS for following Universities

    Texas A&M Kings ville-Admitted, I20 Received
    New York Institute of Technology-Admitted, I20 received
    Florida International University- Decision Pending
    Wichita State University- Decision Pending

    My consultant on seeing my TAMUK I20 asked don't I have any other I20's, I was discouraged with this question.
    Is TAMUK that bad with the VISA rate? Can you please suggest what all measures I can take to prove I deserve a VISA?
    I'm planing for Kolkata Consulate as I got to process my loan yet, It may take time. I think I can find slots easily there.
    Is that Okey? I need suggestions and tips.
    Kindly reply me with required suggestions.

    Thank You,

  2. deepu12
    my gre score is -286 (quant -150 verbal -136)
    btech in cse - 76%
    Can I get admission in Univeristy for MS in CS?
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