about admission for fall 2012 in cs program

  1. jeeshnav
    Hi, I have applied to this university for fall 2012 in cs program. I got 77 in toefl and 900 in gre and academics 62% with 2 back logs(completed). Should I get admission for fall 2012. Please give me some suggestions.
  2. Gautamjeet
    May be yes.
  3. jeeshnav
    Thank you for your reply gautam. Is there any one who get admission who has below 79 in toefl in this university.
  4. Gautamjeet
    I don't have any idea. in fact I have written ielts so toefl is something i m nt aware of. When did u apllied?
  5. jeeshnav
    1 month back.
  6. Gautamjeet
    Then may be in a week or two you will hear some good news. ameen
    all the very best
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