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    Hi All,

    I'm the Associate Dean for Graduate Studies at Stevens' Howe School of Technology Management, and am responsible for admissions into the MS in Information Systems program. I wanted to provide some pointers for prospective and current students, as well as alumni. While my answers are focused on the Business School programs (MBA, MSIS, MS in Telecom Management etc.), I can refer those interested in other degrees to the right contact.

    1) Application Process

    We admit on a rolling basis, meaning when you submit a complete application we will look at it and make an admission decision. We have deadlines for International applicants (March 15 for Fall admission, and October 15 for Spring admission), which is largely due to the need to prepare visa documentation, issue your I-20, and allow sufficient time for you to make arrangements to travel to the US.

    2) Admission Criteria

    Admission criteria differ by program, but generally we look at GRE/GMAT, TOEFL/IELTS, undergraduate GPA, work experience, reference letters and other supplementary material. We convert the GRE score to a GMAT score (there's an official converter from ETS) to have a uniform measure of comparison. For the TOEFL/IELTS we look at the total score as well as component scores. Generally speaking, we want no negative outliers in the individual component scores of the TOEFL (for example: assume Read/Write is 25/25, but listen/speak is 18/15 - we would be skeptical about that case). We also cross-compare verbal scores from the GRE/GMAT to the TOEFL score. So, if the TOEFL score is a bit on the low side, but the verbal GRE is OK (say >150) that could compensate to some extent.

    4) Financial Support, Fellowships, Assistantships etc.

    Of course, one of the most important questions for studying abroad is the funding question. Some funding decisions can be made on the spot, while others cannot be made until you are on campus. For instance, some highly qualified candidates are eligible for a Masters Fellows program (we're talking about GMAT scores that are well above average), and those decisions are made during the admission process, or shortly thereafter. Assistantships on the other hand have a different timeline associated with them. Some assistantships are tied to research funds, so unless a professor knows ahead of time that they have a funded project, research assistantships are typically decided during the first few weeks of the semester. Teaching assistantships depend on the enrollment situation in certain courses (larger courses receive TA support), so these decisions are based on historical data and some projections, but are typically made over the summer for the fall semester.

    5) Getting a Job

    Placement after graduation and work experience during studies play are important goals of our students. There are three components: Internship, Co-op and Placement. Internships are typically done over the summer, but sometimes during the semester. Co-op is available for qualified students and means that you work for a company while you study. Placement means finding a job after graduation. Internships and Co-Op are typically done in form of Curricular Practical Training - we offer courses as part of the curriculum that allow you to perform an internship for credit. Job placement is typically done using Optional Practical Training time at the end. Some programs (for example our programs in IS, Business Intelligence & Analytics, and Telecom) are designated STEM programs. This means that graduates of these programs can receive an extension of their OPT time.

    6) How to get in touch

    We have several support channels:

    Graduate Admissions: and
    This office is your first point of contact for the application process. They can tell you which documents you need, how to submit them, timelines and other details.

    Student and Faculty Support Center:
    This center is specific to the Howe School at Stevens and provides support throughout your lifecycle as a student at Stevens. They answer questions regarding course choices, your study plan, enrollment and graduation procedures and a whole lot more.

    Program-specific help:
    Each of our programs has a contact form and email that is sent to the individual program director, who is happy to respond to your inquiries.

    Surely I've left things out that you are interested in, so please reply to this post or (send me an email). I'm happy to help.

    Best regards

    Michael zur Muehlen
    Associate Dean of Graduate Studies
    Howe School of Technology Management
    Stevens Institute of Technology
    Hoboken NJ 07030
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