How is San Francisco State University for pursuing masters ??

  1. Rishabh
    Hi everyone , I got an admit SF State lately and now I m waiting for the decisions of other univs . However, there are some things on which i need your perspective . In explanation , I have applied to SF state on 7th Feb 2012 for MS in Energy Systems , a newly introduced area of speclz'n and I got acceptance on 8th Feb . The univ's rank is 48th (regional west ) but the irony is whomsoever i've asked abt this univ , no body could give me any relevant info and what is more, I could not find anyone applying here . Please help me out to take my admission decision !!.In total , I have applied to 9 univs out of which i got an reject from IIT, Chicago and Drexel. Furthermore , RIT was aking me to use the services of WES to evaluate my academic credentials as a result of which i dropped RIT too. Now I am left with these univs :
    Northeastern Univ
    NYU POlY
    Univ of Houston , Main
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