Can I get admit from San Diego State University!?

  1. Satya_Gre
    My Profile:

    I am going to apply for Fall 2013 for MS in CS (Interested in Information Security and Networking).

    Gre: 294 (V:143, Q: 151, Awa: 2.5)
    Toefl: 83 ( R: 19, L: 20, S: 21, W: 23)
    10th: 84%
    12th: 88%
    Btech: 63% ( 3 Cleared Backlogs)
    Stream: CSE - 2012 pass-out
    3 ppts, 2 posters and some extra curricular activity certificates including some sports.
    Also attended many workshops related to Information security.
    Can I get funding for my profile? If Yes, how much Can I get?

    Please someone reply..
  2. Keerthana
    you have good chances!!

    How is the university?

    which other universities you applying to?
  3. Satya_Gre
    Hello Keerthana..
    Ya, this is a good university for my profile. I haven't finalized my universities yet.
    What about u ?? what's ur profile?? which stream u gonna apply and which passout?? do u have any univs in your mind for my profile?
  4. Aki7
    Can anyone tell me how is sdsu as compared to njit?
  5. shashankss
    hello satya n keerthana..
    i have applied to sdsu, my profile: gre 284,ielts:6.5, aggre:53, job experience: 1yr 4 month in BEL.
    what r my chances of getting admission to this university??
  6. saumya0910
    I shall apply for Fall 2014 for MS in CS.

    Gre: 309 (V:148, Q: 161, Awa: 4.0)
    Toefl: 102 ( R: 24, L: 25, S: 26, W: 27)
    10th: 92%
    12th: 92%
    Btech: 76% (up to IIIrd year)
    Stream: CSE
    I need TA/RA
  7. saumya0910
    In continuation to earlier message:
    Can someone tell me the prospects of admission and funding?
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