Departmental application & LOR/SOPs

  1. metalhead

    If anyone here is applying to PSU dept. of electrical and comp. engineering for fall 2014, please answer this question

    On the website Portland State Maseeh College of Engineering & Computer Science: Electrical & Computer Engineering | How to Apply, the department says this:
    First, apply to PSU Admissions, obtain a PSU identification number, and mail any required documents to the Admissions Office. Then apply to the ECE Department online. The ECE Department application process is completely online. Mailed materials will not be reviewed. The only departmental materials that should be mailed are the official GRE scores from ETS, if required.

    So, where do you submit the LOR's and the SOP. Is the LOR process online or offline?

    Also is there a seperate departmental application you have to complete or is the online application enough?

    Please reply at the earliest
  2. sara sanajou
    sara sanajou
    I have the same issue... Did you finished your application process ? Where did you submit the LOR's?
  3. karidi.krishna
    hii everyone..I want to do my masters in electrical..and iam applying for fall 2015.How is the university??My gre score is 306 with quant:159 and verbal:147,with analytical writting:3.My IELTS score is 7.What are my chances to the admission??
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