Got admitted to Oklahoma state university

  1. Srinikhil
    I have got admitted to Oklahoma state university for spring 2013.
    My online status says "student admitted on academic probation" can any one tell me what academic probation means?

    Do i get same thing in I20, and will this be a problem to get VISA?
  2. vamsi145
    Hi Srinikhil,

    I have applied to OKlahama State University for Spring2013 CS. Currently my application is under review. How much time would it take to tell final decision about my admission?
    Thanks in Advance.
  3. Srinikhil
    Hello Vamsi,

    They will take at least 20-25 days to send their decision. BTW when did you submit you application?
  4. vamsi145
    Hello Srinikil,
    My documents reached OKSU 1 week back and 3 days back I got a mail saying that my application was sent to CS program for admission recommondation. I could see the same status in college portal as well.
  5. vamsi145
    Could you tell me what are the other univers you have applied ?
  6. Srinikhil
    i have applied for other two, UT Dallas and UT arlington.... no response from them yet.
    wat abt u?
  7. Srinikhil
    i have applied even to TAMU.. no response yet...
  8. vamsi145
    Thanks, and I have applied for UTD,UMKC..
  9. Suren
    Hello Srinikil,

    I have applied to Oklahoma State Univ for spring 2013, for masters in EE. My application reached the univ on july 10. How much time it will take to review? And when did u send ur application to the univ?

    Awaiting ur answer.
  10. Suren
    Hey Srinikil,

    My profile is GRE:301, IELTS 7, % 71.53( 1 backlog history),just graduated(fresher).

    Applied to Oklahoma State Univ
    2. Univ of Oklahoma, Norman.
    3. Univ of Arkansas, Fayetteville.
    4. Univ of North Texas, Denton.
    5. Univ of Louisiana, Lafayette.
    6. Univ of Missouri, Kansas City.

    What are my chances in Oklahoma State Univ?
  11. pankaj_p

    i got admission in osu(MIS)....All the best guys.
  12. rvsssuman
    I got in Univ of south florida and Oklahama state univ.
    Thinking which univ to select for MIS
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