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    Hi Guys,

    These are the frequently asked questions. This would clear your most of the queries related to differences in IT and analytics as well as similarities and differences between two good courses at OSU - MBAN and MIS.

    1. What is the general US IT industry value perception of an US MS degree in Analytics and how the OSU MBAN program is perceived by the industry? Would it be a good educational investment both from knowledge and career growth aspects?

    First of all lets understand whats common and what differs in IT and Analytics. Basically IT is close to Information Science Industry which involves many other areas is specialization like System Architect, ERP, Software development, Product development (iOS and Android apps etc.). These areas required extensive programming skills as well as project management skills. Sometimes these are also labelled as backend jobs wherein there would be less customer/client facing. Whereas Analytics drives the data in the organization, let it be any industry ( from service industry to Oil and Gas). Analytics involves much of the application of data science concepts and you should possess some coding skills, excellent analytical skills, managerial skills and the most important communication skills. Analytics involves decision making based on your analysis. This is highly skilled job and thus challenging too which involves a good focused training!

    Here comes Oklahoma State MS in Business Analytics. The program is perceived to have really good curriculum which are essential to thrive in analytics world. Couple of days back we (students in our program) had an interactive session of VP of data science and SVP of Enterprise Business Development of one of the largest cable provider of united states about how they use the power of analytics to provide winning edge in today's competition. They not only praised our program for its uniqueness but also going to hire some interns for summer. This speaks a lot about how our program is recognized in the industry. You can also go through following link for more information.

    Analytics Projects | Analytics and Data Mining Programs

    So talking about the investment, it would be really worthwhile to gain good returns. But with great success comes hard work! Participate in group activities, do projects diligently ( which are part of academic courses), attend conferences ( See OSU students' contribution so far Awards and Honors of Analytics Students | Analytics and Data Mining Programs ) and make good professional connections through it, there is no doubt for success. It's not easy but achievable my friend!

    2. Are there any possibilities of some financial aid for an applicant with average credentials?

    Generally students get financial aid based on their performance in the first semester and GRE. So perform well! Hard work is always rewarded!

    3. Are there adequate opportunities for part time work in and around the campus to support ones education cost?

    Oklahoma State is heaven for part times. UDS (University Dinning Services) one of the largest employer for students on campus but there are several opportunities as well. E.g. Library Assistant, Lab Assistant, Technician. You need to go out look for opportunities. There is an online portal too which posts all such part time jobs. And yes these jobs are more than enough to cover daily expenses as Stillwater is a university town where expenses are limited (based on your spending habits though). Some jobs pays well to cover part of tuition. But if you get an aid after first semester, nothing like it!

    4. Are there good numbers of IT companies in the city where one can pursue some internship programs while studying? Please list some IT companies in the city.

    As its a university town, there are couple of IT companies like (SST software, please google it) and others. But MBAN program is highly focused program which involves classroom participation during Fall and Spring semesters.

    As part of MBAN program, you are encouraged to do internship in summer and return back to school. But there are couple of Research Assistant positions which are affiliated with industry work in which you can work from Stillwater campus and they take care of a part of your tuition plus pays some stipend.

    5. What is the general placement scenario of OSU MBAN graduates and what is the average starting salary?

    The placement scenario is good. Here are some stats regarding companies and number of our alums work there.
    Placement of Analytics Students | Analytics and Data Mining Programs

    Starting salary differs from the quantity and quality of experience you have as well as the skills you bring to the table during job interviews. Plus the salary is location specific. A guy in California or Seattle may get 90K+ which would be equivalent to 60-70K+ in Dallas. ( Federal taxes differ from state to state).

    6. I understand Data Analytics is currently the trendiest area in IT. OSU also offers a Masters program in Management Information Systems. While MIS is of one and half year duration, MBAN is a two year program. I will happy to have your perspectives on MIS program vis--vis MBAN.

    OSU now basically has two good programs. one, MBAN i.e. Master of Science in Business Analytics which will be a complete blend of all the skills required (discussed earlier) to thrive in analytics world. It would lay a strong foundation with some coding courses like Base SAS, Advanced SAS etc. and Statistics 1 and Statistics 2. The essential courses in Analytics like (Descriptive, Predictive and prescriptive analytics etc.) also some courses taught by industry experts like ( Customer Life Time value, Marketing Optimization) which will provide you a competitive advantage. The curriculum is laid down in such a manner that it builds solid foundation for the advanced courses.

    You can see the detailed curriculum as follows.
    Academic Program ? M.S. in Business Analytics (MBAN) | Analytics and Data Mining Programs
    Talking about MIS ( Management Information Systems), it would be focused towards Information Science aspects of the industry. This program will train you through some tech-skills (ERP, Advanced System Analysis and Design etc.) and soft skills (Project Management, Infotech management etc.) required in industry. Some data analytics component will be involved in MIS (couple of courses) but still its major focus would be towards Information science.
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