fall 2012 | ms in cs | gre-1220 toefl 100 acads 78.33%

  1. keerthi82
    guys can i get an admit to NIU??
    funding chances?
  2. cherukuri_ajay
    Sure shot admit
  3. cherukuri_ajay
  4. raghu1249
    keerthi saw your post in the FB..

    You can easy get into this UNIV funding chances are as good as any other univ..ur profile is very much ok..but make sure you add some work exp in the resume and make a strong sop...funding will be on your way
  5. yeshes
    Definitely a best , safe and economical one

    My Profile is GRE - 1070 AWA-3 TOEFL -96 Acads- 81% .
    I got an admit from NIU for FALL 2012 in CS!
  6. sandp
    GRE : 1050(740+310)
    Applied for Computersciences-FALL 2012..
    Can i Get i20 from NIU surely.?(I hve submitted my doc in Feb 1st week.?):confused
  7. Rakesh Ch
    Rakesh Ch
    hi everyone
    I see my profile to be
    GRE - 305 (144+161)
    TOEFL-83 (each section with >=20)
    A.W.A- 3.5
    My Academics were- 86% in Electronics $ Comm
    but , I have applied for Computer Science as my Major for M.S - Fall 2012
    I have applied to this univ at feb 26th

    Upto now my status appearing as --> No Decision had made yet.
    Can any one tell me could i get an admit from dis uni?
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