suggestion plz

  1. sriabhi786
    hii frns
    i hav applied to NJIT to fall2012..
    i had sent all the documents in the month of feb..
    still , my application status is showing as incomplete items outstanding
    can any1 plz help me abt this issue..
  2. Aady
    Yes, they usually takes very long to change the status.. Guess your status might change within a few days from now.. Try to send an email to the univ regarding the same, though I believe you will get a reply so soon..
  3. Prisharma
    @ sriabhi
    Your docs should have reached by now ,either u can track down the status with the carrier u send the docs or call them directly..even i did the same thing .They updated my status within 2 hrs of calling
  4. sriabhi786
    @ aady and shrama..
    i cald dem many the tym dey keep on saying it will be updated in 1-2 weeks.
    can u tell me how much tym it takes to make a decision after the file is being sent to the academic department
  5. sriabhi786
    and u ppl r planning to go with NJIT ah?
    can i know ur majors?
  6. Prisharma
    @ sriabhi
    In my case acad deptt took 8 days for decision.Regarding joining I would say "probably yes "
    I applied for pharmaceutical system mgmnt..
    Which deptt did u applied ?
  7. sriabhi786
    i applied for EE...
    3 months had decision ...
    wat to do....
  8. Prisharma
    ohhh this must be quite stressful for u..but I would suggest keep calling/mailing/reminding them again nd again(3 months is more then enough 2 receive d docs and update d status).
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