got admission at NJIT; but no FUNDING

  1. deathstar
    I have been accepted in the MS in Energy & Power systems for fall 2013. And mailed all the profs and for any TA/RA.. but they say that there is no chance of getting any assistantship. I am pretty hopeless now about it as the cost in tution at NJIT and of living at NJ is so high. BTW, getting admission at NJIT was a great news for me. with my low GPA in the undergrad i never thought of getting accepted at NJIT (which is ranked 86th in usnews grad engineering ranks).
  2. raj778
    what was ur score??
    r u from Computer background??
  3. Aki7
    @ deathstar: ur post is really old ...but i was wondering if u still check posts in this grp...! international students usually get scholarships after 1st semester...betw hav u to received ur I-20 form... n hav u alrdy given ur visa interview??
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