1. jjphilster
    Hi i am Jeril here. I just waan know about NJIT for electrical??,cost??,job oppurtnities?? and college as a whole too??.Kindly do the needful
  2. KunalB
    In the I-20 they mention $41,000 as yearly fees+living costs, the living costs can be reduced by *not* staying on campus. About job opportunities,as far as i know, we ourselves have to search for job....so better select good subjects & score well !!...NJIT doesnt have a very good name as a university, its an average university. (Its not my most preferred university).....i m admitted to NJIT. are all members of this group admitted too ?
  3. smitha
    @kunal: status of my appln in online portal says "admitted" but i haven't received any mail from them... its been almost 2 weeks... can u please tell how long does NJIT takes to send the email confirmation???
  4. prasadveng
    @Kunal, @Smitha : Even My Application status says ''Admitted/Graduate", 1st of all does it really mean ,I have got an admit from this NJIT ??
  5. vijayUS
    Even i was accepted for admission through the mail confirmation from NJIT but waiting for I20 to come>>
    Any guesses?? how long it takes
  6. Aady
    As per my knowledge, it takes around 15-20 days from the date- the status was updated as admitted.
  7. Aady
    @smitha, NJIT does not have a habit of sending an email about the confirmation or replying to any query early.. Once your status was updated as admitted, all U can do is wait for the i20.. If ur lucky U get it in 2 weeks.
  8. Aady
    Got my i20 xactly 2 weeks after my status was udpated as admitted.. NJIT uses FedEX courier service.. gets delivered to you within 3 days from the date dispatched.
  9. shikha18
    got admitted to njit but haven't received i20 yet...
  10. Aady
    @shikha18, Since how long have U been waiting fr it!
  11. sriabhi786
    hii frns
    i hav applied to NJIT to fall2012..
    i had sent all the documents in the month of feb..
    still , my application status is showing as incomplete items outstanding
    can any1 plz help me abt this issue..
  12. pushkarjsh
    GRE 299/340
    verbal 142
    Quants 157
    TOEFL:89 (R-23,L-19,sp-23,wr-24)
    SSC 82%
    HSC 70%
    BEIT 2011 from Mumbai university
    aggregate 57%
    Final year 62%
    Was a college topper of final year elective
    have done external project in mumbai based company
    will be having 7-8 months industry experience before going to US
    little extra-curricular activities
    decent LORs

    evaluate for fall 2013 mis
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