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  1. vaibhavj
    I got accepted by NJIT for MS in computer science. I want to apply for this school but first I want to know the scholarship , RA/TA chances for this university. Because I really require tution fee waiver. So please help me.
    Please also provide me the information of course of MS in Computer Science and positive and negative points of this university.
    Thanks and regards.
    Vaibhav jain
  2. Prisharma
    Hi ,
    If you dont mind since you already got admission in NJIT,can you tell me what was your GRE score
  3. vijayUS
    Hai Sir;
    I got accepted to NJIT under the specialization of MS in telecommunications>> and waiting for the I20>>
    As a part i want to know about the scholarship chances>> In website it is given that
    " As a matriculated graduate student you are automatically considered for graduate financial support as soon as you submit the Application for Admission to Graduate Study to the Office of University Admissions. Simply submit your application no later than January 15 for the fall semester and October 15 for the spring semester in order to be considered for the Master's Fellows Scholarship and other types of graduate financial support—including assistantships, full- or partial-tuition waivers, and stipends".

    I have submitted my application before jan sir>>> So, is this ELIGIBLE for the scholarship chance or else any extra applications for GRADUATES?
    Thank You
    With Regards;
    Vijay Kakani

    Also can i know about the course details>>>
  4. Aady
    @VijayUS, I heard none of my frns in NJIt getting a scholarship.. Its very rare they provide funding
  5. Prisharma
    hi everyone,
    got admits from NJIT and FDU .Guys please help me out which one is worth going.
  6. Aady
    @prisharma.. Me too.. I prefer NJIT.
  7. Prisharma
    @ Aady
    Thanks .So did u get any kind of fin aid from NJIT?
  8. Aady
    @Prisharma.. No, I didn't get any financial aid from NJIT... Guess its the same with you.
  9. Prisharma
  10. deathstar
    I have also got admission at NJIT in MS in Energy & Power systems. But the all professors are saying that there is no chance of TA/RA/GA. And tution fee of NJIT is so ... so high that i am a bit hopeless. But i swear, with my low GPA in BS electrical i never thought of getting admitted at NJIT.
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