applying for fall 2013

  1. sidhu9124
    hi friends

    i would like to apply for fall 2013

    my major is materials science and engineering
    GRE -299 v-142 q-157
    TOEFL yet to take
    CGPA 7.0* upto 6th sem (with 10 backlogs)

    4 projects
    1 paper presentation at international level technical symposium
    2 expected to get published

    please help
  2. nikhilrana
    Backlogs wont be a prob but I thnk ur GRE score is low...aim for above 300...
    my frnd got into ee dep with 307 and 58% with 8 backlogs
  3. sidhu9124
    oh thanks.........

    but i dont think i can again take so much effort since many of my paper works for publication was shelved and working on sops lors and going to take toefl next sunday 23rd ... what do you think of getting high scores in toefl to neutralize the effect that gre made on my profile.....


    with regards
    Siddartha Srinivasan
  4. nikhilrana
    gettin high score in toefl wont help u much...but try to score above 100 and one more thng...many univ give huge importance to sop and get good lors and write a good sop

    best of luck!!!...
  5. sidhu9124
    ya thank you .........

    thank you for your help........

    With regards

    Siddartha Srinivasan
  6. sidhu9124
    can you give me the contact details of your friend

    With regards

    Siddartha Srinivasan
  7. devendra
    Can i get into the universities i have attached for the following profile...GRE 305(Q-161,V-144,AWA-3),TOEFL-96,Average academics-65%(pune uni.)..Major:-MS in MEchanical?Please reply

    Sr.No Name of university shortlisted
    1 University of Cincinnati
    2 Michigan Technological University
    3 State university of New York-Buffalo
    4 State university of New York-Binghamton
    5 Illinois Institute of Technology-Chicago
    6 Syracuse University
    7 University of Illinois -Chicago
    8 Clemson University
    9 Wayne State University
    10 Northern Illinois University
  8. rohit.619
    303 in GRE. (145 V, 158 Q)
    TOEFL - Yet to appear.
    3 month internship in TATA MOTORS
    62% in BE (Mech) (Pune University)
    HSC - 80%
    SSC - 80 %
    2 National level football certificates.
    2 National level event management certificate
    2 National level Paper Presentation Certificate.
    Wat are my chances????????
    Pls help guys
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