Lamar university

  1. Bob299
    Hi friends , I got admission from Lamar .
    Is there any one studying in Lamar University or anyone planning to go to Lamar Univ for spring 2013?
    Please comment ..........I need some assistance .
  2. koushik ra
    koushik ra
    I got admission for fall 2013 in ms mechanical.Waiting for i 20
  3. tharun69
    I got admission in LAMAR University for MS in Computer Science in Fall - 2013. got the i 20 as well.
  4. bantijay01
    Profile please? GRE?IELTS? undergraduate?
  5. Yashmita Thapa
    Yashmita Thapa
    i got admission for fall 2014, MS EE
    with $1000 scholarship n fee waiver.
    I want 2 kno how good is the job scene aftr completng MS frm LAMAR?
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