Hello friends:)

  1. ravikiran
    Hi guys i have applied for this university so hope some things to be discussed as to have a keen knowledge..
  2. minnu
    hi....did u get your i20,for which sem are you moving for gannon university
  3. soumyapika
    hi i am soumya i applied for gannon university for spring 2013
  4. naveen.k
    hi friends i had got i20 in gannon for spring 2013 is it good unv'
  5. chanukya24
    i am heading to gannon for fall 13.. is there any pls... to help me out
  6. chanukya24
    i am heading to gannon for fall 13.. is there any pls... to help me out
  7. Venkat Rao
    Venkat Rao
    hello friends i got i20 for this fall 2013 ... iam attending visa on july 5 th . can any one reply me about visa process is there any difficulties with visa for this universities.frnds who are attended already for interview can you help me out plzzzzz
  8. Sivaratna
    This University is no more suitable for students to study MS in any field of Engineering, No funds, No scholarships, No projects, No jobs(any kind of employment) on campus or in the vicinity of Erie, a very Harsh Cold climate to survive, getting groceries is a nightmare, non efficient and non supportive staff, a true White Catholic university, non friendly society(especially towa),No Seniors to support, Extremely hard to obtain Housing (Home owners are reluctant to give housing for Indian students) and no on campus housing is provided for Graduate students; Masters programs are "NOT" ABET certified, and the degree holds no value in market. Out dated technology in labs, no challenging course work. A huge waste of money. Potential chances of Employment after graduating with Gannon's Masters Degree is zero. Do not stake/gamble your future by choosing this University even if you get a full fee waiver. (Please do not come through consultancies, you'll loose all the scholarships even if you are eligible to get one)
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