Application for FALL 2013

  1. manoj23
    Hi guys,
    did anyone apply for MS for fall 2013 in FSU? If yes, what is the major you opted for and current status of your application?
  2. harishnarn
    Hi applied for MS in CS. dont know the status of the application. all documents are reached to the university one month back
  3. manoj23
    HI, I have applied to for the CS too. My status is the same, all documents are received but waiting for the final decision.
    Whats your current status??
  4. harishnarn
    hi manoj, online status is showing as "The Admissions Online Status Check only reflects receipt of transcripts and test scores. For information on the receipt of other documents, you must contact your academic program directly. Graduate admission decisions are made by the academic departments with final approval by the Office of Admissions."
  5. manoj23
    yea, I have emailed the concerned people regarding the same. The online status only reflects about your documents status. So, do contact your dept for the status of admission.
  6. harishnarn
    did you mailed them??
  7. nikhilkarm
    Hello guys, I have got admit from FSU for MS in CS. What are your status?
  8. manoj23
    Hello guys,
    I have got admit in FSU for CS. I also got admit in UTD but I prefer FSU as it is better ranked than UTD. Anyone joining FSU?
  9. PrasadDL
    got admission in fsu...anyone with financial aid?
  10. nikhilkarm
    got admision in fsu!! and seriously thinking to join it. If any else is joining fsu drop me a mail at
  11. manoj23
    Hi, I guess there are no assistantship positions available now! And also in FSU website I read about the scholarships and there was a NOTE at the ending saying that international students are not allowed to apply for scholarship!

    @nikhil: Even I am thinking of joining in FSU
  12. ojha
    Hello everyone,
    I have also joined FSU and my dept is Stats.
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