MS in fall 2015

  1. prudhvee
    I am pursueing my 2nd in Computer Science and want to do MS in US.
    Can anyone suggest me layout and planner for FALL 2015.
    I didn't take any tests yet and my GPA is 8.1 atpresent(for 1 year).
    thank you
  2. Sumant
    my gre score 284 and ielts vth 6 band 64% and 10 backlogs can any one suggest university for jan inteke
  3. anupam.basu
    I have a BE in computer science(2013) with a cgpa of 7.31. I have been employed as a Jr Developer for over a year, Most of my work involved Web Development, others are miscellaneous. I got a score 316 in GRE(V-154, Q-162, AWA-4), IELTS- 7.5. I have no Papers published. I got List of universities in my hand right now, based on the the NLP(Natural Language Processing) courses and work which the universities possess.
    University of Southern California
    Ohio State University
    Collarado Boulder
    Northeastern University
    University of Pittsburgh

    Is the List Reasonable with my pre-requisites? Are there any suggestions in terms of other universities I should be looking at? I am avoiding New York, since cost of living and tuition fees I heard are pretty steep. I want college suggestions which are doing good amounts of work and is reasonable in terms of price.
  4. Credila
    Are you looking for any educational loan.
  5. prashanth007
    I have 4 years of experience. Should I still write GRE??
  6. bhanderibhavesh
    Need ur help
    evaluate my profile
    applying for fall 2015 MS in ComputerScience & electronics and communication
    My profile
    GRE- 292 V-138 Q-154
    B.e. – 7.5/10 C.P.A.
    please suggest me the best univ.. near massachusetts
    Thanks in Advance
  7. utteja chauhan
    utteja chauhan
    hellooo... this is utteja...
    my gre score is 287 aggregate:66% ielts:6
    please suggest me the best universities for my profile.. for computer science
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