Which University Degree has Best Value after Graduation??

  1. teju6
    Hello Everyone..!!

    My profile:
    GRE: 289
    IELTS: 7
    B.Tech: 59.8% (2008)- 4 backlogs
    Work Exp: 5 yrs exp Working as online pr specialist

    Applied to following universities for MBA:
    1. University of Illinois at Springfield (IL)
    2. Lawrence Technology University (MI)
    3. Pittsburg State University (KS)
    4. New York Institute of Technology at old westbury (NY)

    Applied late for fall 2014. applications are under process can anyone tel me which university is the best. i dont want to end up doing a course if the degree from a particular university has no value. what about job opportunity in these states?? Am i eligible to apply to University of Texas at Dallas?? tats the only university with july 1st application Deadline.. Please guide

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