should i write gre necessarily??????

  1. SiriSha N
    SiriSha N
    i im sirisha studyng 4-1 sem. I hav got many doubts to ask my seniors who are alrady well sttled in US...MY QUESTION IS im not writing gre i want to admit into MS in CS course in one of best colleges in us it possible/???also im thinking of fall2014 bcozz alot of scolarships are available at fall it seems is it true?? to wat extent it is??my budget is very less 5-6 lakhs only i can afford so i need** scolarships** but i want a good university whre my life get settld after 2 years of ms there...can i get it??anywhere ill giv my tofel im confident enough dat i cud meet tofel requirements the main prob is gre for which i dint take any coaching till now which is supposed to b written by next few months////so with that tofel score will i get addmission into one of those with scolarshps???
    my 10th is i got 87%
    plus 2 i got 96%
    btech 8.3(1 backlog cleared)
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