plz evaluate my profile

    I am studying final year of B.Tech Electronics and Communication Engineering(E.C.E) from A.N.U....
    1.)My 10th % is 78%....
    2.)My 12th % is 80.6%...
    3.) My Graduate % up to third year is 59 %.....(4 backlogs) But All are Cleared Now....

    4.)My U.G Projects : a.) Configurinng RFID reader to 8051 Micro Controller using RS-232 Serial Communication
    b.) GSM Embedded based Automatic Irrigation control System using ARM Micro Controller

    5) Extra Activities :
    a.) Presented a paper on "RFID Technologies in Indian Scenario" in National level Fest in Osmania University
    b.) prsented a paper on "RFID in Electronic Toll Collection" in our college for Engineering Day celebrations
    c.) Attend to Two Days International Student Conference on " VLSI/ Embedded Systems" held in Hyderabad-2012
    d.) Represented our College as Member in “IETE Student Forum” for 2012-2013(contuing)

    6.) Exam Scores : GRE 295,AWA : 3.0 ( expecting)
    Tofel is planning to take as soon as possible

    Plzzz suggest some of the Universties which suits to My profile...thanq.........
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