What are the univs u have applied for Fall 2102?

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  1. cherukuri_ajay
  2. surekha
    My gre exam is on 24th of this month im planning to do masters in Electrical engineering,can u suggest me some universites.My profile academic:70.52%(5 backlogs),IELTS:6band
  3. surekha
    My gre exam is on 24th of this month im planning to do masters in Electrical engineering,can u suggest me some universites.My profile academic:70.52%(5 backlogs),IELTS:6band
  4. prasanth
    MUST, Rolla
    Univ of Houston, Main Campus
    Univ of North TX
    Wichita State univ
  5. surekha
    hey prashanth,
    can i get admission in da mention universities????????n what is required gre score ?????????
  6. prasanth
    actually those are the universities i have applied for. That's what the question in this topic asks for..

    by the post, post ur query in the evaluation thread, am pretty sure it wud be answered there
  7. GOURI4U
    Hai all , all the best for our better future .
    I applied for ms kinesiology in exercises sciences , universities i applied are
    1} western illinios university
    2} wichita state university
    3} northern mitchigan university
    4} indiana state university.
  8. deedon
    hi everyone..
    I've applied for I.E in the following univs:
    1. Virginia tech
    2. Penn state
    3. NCSU
    4. TAMU, college station
    5. UFG, Gainesville
    6. Kansas state
    7. Oklahoma state
    8. SUNY, buffalo
  9. aparna
    i want to apply for
    univ of arizona
    etc...now for fall2012
    shall i do itttt?

    i know its late...but stilll
  10. amrit
    1.)csu,fresno 2.)csu,sacramento 3.)wright state, 4.)university of alabama, birmingham. 5.) florida tech. , 6.)wichita state
  11. Sunny
    i have applied for PhD in Mech in Rutgers-New Brunswick,UMass Amherst,Iowa State,Purdue-West Lafayette,LSU,RPI
  12. prasanth
    @aparna.. U r late for financial aid, but not late to send ur applications. .. Check the deadlines for them and apply
  13. kaustubh89
    I got an Admit From CSU east bay for MS in computer networks (gre-1130,tfl-89,UG-58%)...Can anybody tell me hws d course and university...
  14. surekha
    hai,i got 283 in gre is there any chance to get admission??????for ms in Electrical engineering,ielts-6,b.e-70%,if any one are applying with this score let me know the list of universities.
  15. prasanth
    wat r the individual scores in gre?
  16. surekha
    hai prashantha,
    verbal-137,quants-147,awa still i dnt get da scor report...........can u list out some universities
  17. akshay
    i have a 1260 gre (720q, 540v, 4.5 awa). and a Toefl of 117. I wanna apply for the EE branch (mostly photonics or microwaves field). i hv a cgpa of 7.8 on 10. many extra curriculars. no work experience and one paper presentation

    I have applied to
    - U Pittsburgh
    - U illinois chicago
    - U texas at dallas

    Atleast decent chances??
  18. sakethmysa
    My GRE score is 1230(verbal-500, quant-730), TOEFL-88, acads-65%, AWA-3, no work experience.
    i have applied for the following universities.
    univ of texas-dallas
    houston-main campus
    arizona state univ
    utah state univ
    univ of north carolina-charolette
    auburn univ

    What are my chances of getting into these univ??
  19. Anirudh

    I have applied for
    UT Arlington - got admit
    UT Dallas - Rejected
    Univ of california Santa Cruz - waiting
    University of Arizona Tucson - waiting
    TAMU College Station - waiting
    Univ of North Carolina Charlotte - waiting
    CSU Chico - waiting

    MS in CS... 294 GRE 7.5 in IELTS .... 2 and half yrs work exp... did anyone got any admit from the list of univs i have mentioned.
  20. midhun
    My profile:

    GRE 1170 (800+ 370) AWA 3
    Toefl 93
    CGPA 6.1 with 2 pending backlogs in electronic subjects (Grades in CS subjects are good)

    I've applied for MS in CS
    1) NCSU- rejected
    2) UT dallas- rejected
    3) UT arlington- they sent me a mail saying i should complete my subjects first but i can only do that in may!
    4)TAMU college station- pending
    5) NJIT- pending

    With feb coming to an end, I am little worried now. Can you suggest me few universities for my profile which i can apply now.
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