1. GOURI4U
    got my visa approval for wiu
  2. cherukuri_ajay
    can u send me ur visa experience.
  3. GOURI4U
    Hi friends i got my visa approval today at Hyderabad embassy for fall 2012,
    My profile
    Degree percentage : 70 % toefl – 85 . gre – no ,
    My interview was at 9.45 am and i went at 8.30 and went inside at 9.30 and completed all procedure and my interview at 12.45 my number called
    M e : good after noon sir Vo : not even responded and saw me seriously and said nice shirt , { i was tensed}
    Vo : which university me : western Illinois university
    Vo : whats your gre score me : { i was praying god that he should not ask me that question , but that was my 1st question i thought i am finished and rejected but took courage and dared and said } i was well prepared to give my gre but when i concern with university regarding admission requirement they asked me to submit my toefl score so that was the reason i went with toefl { he looked me seriously }
    Vo : how many you applied me : 3 .
    Vo : which , me : wiu , isu , wsu
    Vo: does 3 universities admitted you without gre me: yes
    Vo: can you prove it me: i gave my 3 i20s
    Vo : he saw and read all clearly , me : i was confident about it
    Vo: whats ur percentage , me : 70%
    Vo : how many backlogs . me : 3
    Vo : when did you graduated . me – dec-2009
    Vo: what you doing from then , me : trying to perceive certain practical experience in the field of my study
    Vo : who is sponsing you , me ; my dad
    Vo ; whats his annual income and what he does me: 9 lakh and he works for department of food and agriculture
    Vo : just say a reason how your ms degree helps you when you come back . me: balhhhhhhhhh
    Vo : you are on , enjoy the usa trip and said something { i didn’t even listened} me: thanks a lot sir
    Friends my sugession for all is that even you don’t have gre and less toefl don’t get panic , be confident ,he didn’t even checked my single document expect 3 i20s so better to take your all admitted letters , be positive all will be good ,if anyone have any problem and help just mail me
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