1. shivp
    Any idea about when does csulb tells about decision ?
  2. Pradeep
    Hi friends, I myself from bangalore waiting for admit frm csulb. If any1 got any updates regarding admit, please share it.
  3. anujd1488
    hey guys I got admit from from csulb yesterday for MS-EE
    I have applied to six universities ,
    My Profile-
    BE(electronics and telecommunications)-agg-57%
    gre 298 Toefl-93
    1)Rochester inst of tech- rejected
    2)New york inst of poly- rejected
    3)florida inst of tech- admitted
    4)new york inst of tech- admitted '
    5)san francisco state univ- admitted
    6)california state univ.long beach - admitted
    Well I am thinking to go for csulb.
  4. Pradeep
    Hi anuj... Congrates, i am waiting for the admit, as my application status is showing that my file has been sent to graduate advisor to take the final decision. When are u applying for Visa.
  5. Prasan Rao
    Prasan Rao
    hey anuj i have almost the same profile and have got admits from new jersey institute of tech and csulb with rejects from you know if csulb is a good option ?
  6. ameypatil
    hey guys,

    i hold admits from csu, long beach and csu, chico for MS-EE..
    can anybody tell which one is better..
  7. cherukuri_ajay
    can i know ur profiles?
  8. ameypatil
    GRE - 1170
    TOEFL - 95
    Aggregate - 56%

    so, which 1 is better csulb or csuc for MSEE
  9. Roshan1286
    I got my CSULB admit in early last week. I applied to CSULB in mid march.
    Now I am waiting for i20 to be delivered and then further visa processing.
    If you want to contact me, please email me on

    All the best guys !!

    - Roshan
  10. PrasadDL
    got admit in csulb!!
  11. swarupa
    my gre score is 300
    X and XII scores are 90%
    under graduate aggregate is 72% in computer science.
    how are my chances of spring-2014 admission for MS in computer science.
  12. harishk
    Hi i have applied to csulb ... my profile is 59%, GRE 291, IELTS 6.0.
    Is there any possibility for getting admitted in CSULB with this profile.
  13. jininside5
    CSU requires SOP under 500 words, plz help me...should i trim my sop or should i send it as it is..(i.e more than 500 words)..
    it would be kind if you reply at
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