anybody decided this university

  1. Praneeth
    heyy friends did any one decide to join sacramento... if yws plzz mention ur branch also
  2. ashish v
    ashish v
    no not yet , but ya .. its a good 1 for sure it seems ... what about other .. any 1 going for sacramento ??
  3. shyambunty
    Hi Friends I m From Hyderabad.I have Decided upon CSU Sacramento for MS in CS so who all have finally decided upon this university as their Final Destination
  4. nvijayaram
    I have been selected for MS in EEE... if i get the visa i am going to CSUS for sure..
  5. vpinbatchu
    @shyambunty ...i have selected this university for ms in CS from vijayawada ...wen is ur visa interview?
  6. chittuluri
    I have applied for Spring 2013 but didnt get a reply from them as of now.....

    Any else aplied for Spring?
  7. roy_me
    I'm thinking to apply in this university? What are the required papers?
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